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A Revolution In Offroad Motorcycle For Trail Adventure From Harley-Davidson 165

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 , Posted by Ridwanars at 10:10 PM

Harley Davidson Offroad Motorcycle
© 2009 Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.

We certainly think that a motorcycle for trail adventure or offroad motorcycles that are lightweight, and does not think a motorcycle brand Harley Davidson is in the shadow of our minds is a heavy motorcycle. Appeared at first that is an 50 years old at the motorcycle offroad use is a motorcycle type. Really in the history of offroad motorcycle, the riders always used with motorcycle that seen has big's motor's physique.

This motorcycle has a two-stroke engine and with a 165 cc that was designed by German company DKW. Leroy Winters is that the motorcycle is in some famous victory in the event a motorcycle offroad. One event is the 500-mile Jack Pine Enduro 1956 event which is a motorcycle offroad annual largest. See also at Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

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