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Trail Adventure Bandung Association (TRABAS)

Friday, August 28, 2009 , Posted by Ridwanars at 2:07 AM

Trail Adventure Bandung Association
©Trail Adventure Bandung Association.

Be an offroad motorcycle's club that locate at Bandung, Indonesia and be offroad motorcycle's club first in Indonesia. Trabas has member around 600 person unite, individual good also federation from several clubs. In the early birth it, around year 1995 this clubs only consists of several member's persons, process recruitment member is done uniquely and strange that is by stop every offroad motorcyclist that met wherever and direct at "Interrogation". Bot rarely one who stopped to be fear and turn tail.

After walk approximately one year, take its rise member's increasing and that activity begin regular like motorcycle offroad every Sunday and red letter day around Bandung North (Jayagiri, Manglayang, Dago Pakar and others). In the year 1996 this clubs declarated by the name of B–TRAC (Bandung Trail adventure Club). From activity each this week , emerge the thinking to form all at once tidy organization is structured. To affirm club's existence, so members compromises to conduct a event first time in the year 1998 with a purpose to trip Bandung-Rancabuaya, Garut South. In closing ceremony this event, that is on Septembers 9, 1998 official affirmed this club is TRABASS. With walk it time and based on certain deliberation, name from motorcycle's club offroad this turn into TRABAS (Trail Adventure Bandung Association).

Several activities many has been conducted, among others that is :
  • Activity to members that capable and like challenge so much, periodical conducted where internal's special the entrant or closed for.
  • Event activity annual Trabas Merdeka in order to commemorate Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day always followed offroad motorcyclist from entire Indonesias. Trabas Merdeka event achieve to 7th event.
  • Then found also new member's acceptance's activity passes Trabas Education and Practice> in these even is member's candidates gets education and practice offroad motorcycle theoretically also practice, with erudition's element hits safety riding, base mechanical technique, off-road ethics, self rescuings technique, and environment's identification. Practice's education Trabas achieve Four exponents.
  • Activity event Dirtbike Day, be activity of Jamboree Trail Adventure Se-Indonesia, in it found seminar's activity, bazaar, coaching clinic and workshop, tree's planting and planting, contest's motor, fun games, practice with Minimoto and Enduro Cross, and another's activity that be a day of exploring adventure.
  • Activity events the exertion is carried out to cooperate with instance government likes West Java Government of Province, West Java's Region's Policeman, and instance another's government, mostly activity empesized to green stripe's preservation's efforts and tree's planting, social's homage, disaster region's handling and as it.

Trabas Profile :

A. Trabas Merdeka

Trail Adventure Merdeka
©Trail Adventure Bandung Association.
  1. Trabas Wisata Offroad, August 16-17, 1998, Bandung-Cikajang/Garut-Rancabuaya.
  2. Trabas Adventure 99, August 16-17, 1999, Bandung-Cidaun/Cianjur-Rancabuaya-Pemeungpeuk/Garut.
  3. Offroad Green Canyon Pangandaran, August 17-20, 2000, Bandung-Pangandaran.
  4. Trabas Ujung Genteng Wisata Offroad, August 17-19, 2001, Bandung-Ujung Genteng/Sukabumi.
  5. Trabas Merdeka III, August 17-18, 2005, Bandung-Sindang Barang/Cianjur- Ujung Genteng/Sukabumi.
  6. Trabas Merdeka IV, August 18-19, 2006, Bandung-LemahSugih-Ciremai/Kuningan.
  7. Trabas Merdeka V, August 10-11, 2007, Bandung-Kawali/Ciamis-Pangandaran.
  8. Trabas Merdeka VI, 426 km, August 15-16, 2008, Bandung-Bunga Melur/Sukabumi-Pelabuhan Ratu/Sukabumi.
  9. Trabas Merdeka VII, 430 km, August 7-8, 2009, Bandung-Jatigede/Sumedang-Wadukdarma/Kuningan.
B. Trabas Education and Practice

Trail Adventure Education and Practice
©Trail Adventure Bandung Association.
  1. June 11,17-18, 2006, Training camp: trek enduro race at Cilengkrang, Ujung Berung, Bandung, Exponent's name: Oray Kadut.
  2. May 12,19-20, 2007, Exponent's name: Rawa Langit.
  3. May 10,17-18, 2008, Exponent's name: Kawah Bentang.
  4. May 2, 9-10, 2009, Training camp: Panaruban, Subang, Exponent's name: Careuh Bulan.
C. Trabas Dirtbike Day

Trail Adventure Dirtbike Day
©Trail Adventure Bandung Association.
  1. Trabas Dirtbike Day I, Trail Bikers Gathering, Hilltop Sariater Subang, June 26-27, 2009.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    mau tanya nih tentang motornya, apabila mau jd anggota TRABAS minimal kapasitas cc motornya berapa ya?
    apa dengan motor honda cb100/honda GL125 yg mesinnya standard namun sudah d modif trail sudah cukup untuk TRABAS/minimal harus memiliki motor dengan patokan seperti suzuki TS ?