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Security's Ethics In Carry Out Motorcycle's Trail Adventure Activity

Monday, August 31, 2009 , Posted by Ridwanars at 9:05 PM

Trail Adventure Security's Ethics

Devotee's height and activity's activator trail adventure or familiar with offroad motorcycle in the end will make a cognizance to will do a socialization's process ethics in will do this activity. At least several things under this can be base from activity's ethics's developments motorcycle trail adventure in that time.

Such as those which done The Trail Riders Fellowship organization, this security's ethics is even also as one of the efforts to responsibles towards ownself and pay attention environment's preservation that passed by motorcyclist offroad.

A. Vehicle
  • Use vehicle that design in such a manner so that can to pass hindrance that found during trip.
  • Vehicle is equiped with special tyre to soil track.
  • Vehicle best equiped with suitable lamp.
  • Vehicle is equiped by means of that pulls at frontage, usually made from webbing.
B. Clothes
  • Use clothes that can to absorb sweat, slacks with with long shirt.
  • Use patron, like :
  1. Elbow's patron (elbow protector)
  2. Kneep (knee protector)
  3. Breast plate (chest protector)
  4. Gauntlet
  5. Motorcycle helmet
  6. Shoe that close ankle
C. Device

Device and vehicle sparepart is determined from vehicle's condition that used and stripe's condition that be passed. As to several devices among others :

1. Device and sparepart for vehicle's repair, minimal :
  • Pliers
  • Screw driver
  • Keys (8, 10,12,14)
  • Little monkey wrench
  • Sparkplug
  • Chain's connection
  • Gas's cable and Coupling
  • Electricity's cellophane tape
2. First aid's device and rescue :
  • Webbing
  • Medicines
D. Trip
  • Do trip according to group
  • Trip will be be done after previous will plan route that be goed
  • Trip has been done with follow stripe that available
E. During trip
  • Don't run vehicle with high-speed at the time of reside in housing/village's area.
  • When make possible, coordination trip's route with apparatus or local village's citizen.
  • In difficult 's fields, like:
1. Slippery stripe and rise,
  • Lessen tyre's pressure for area's vast increase thouced tyre with soil.
  • Use ancang so that permanent vehicle can draw away.
  • Help movement progresses vehicle by using foot.
  • When not make possible, don't forced with raise engine's rotation. Tall 's engine's rotation will causes fast rolling's back tire and in the end will botch stripe that be passed. Go down from vehicle and push the vehicle while permanent bring to life engine and help by using low 's engine's rotation.
  • When need, have recourse fellow traveller to pull the vehicle by using webbing.
2. Slippery stripe and decreased,
  • In steep 's stripe uses low gear and go out the engine.
  • Help balance with demote foot,
  • Guard vehicle's speed so that not untimely and permanent balance,
  • Will strive to will not make new stripe that will botch vinicity's environment.
  • When need, have recourse fellow traveller to hold back vehicle by using webbing.
3. Will try to will not get stripe that be passed with will stop on course safe that is in stripe enough wide and vehicle's parking beside stripe.

4. Forbidden to throw away rubbish belongs stub at just any place.

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