Trail adventure was first known in Indonesia as an offroad motorcycle, which were themselves an evolution of motocross events popular. This pages will primarily provide an information archive and resources for all motorcycle trail adventure with specific information about showcases the latest motorcycle trail adventure including Offroad Motorcycle, Dirt Bike, Supercross, Motocross, and Freestyle Motocross.

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Trail Adventure Or Offroad Motorcycle

Monday, July 13, 2009 , Posted by Ridwanars at 9:19 AM

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In British, off-road motorcycle event called scrambling, which was an evolution of Trials events popular in northern Britain. In Indonesia that called trail adventure or motoadventure. The first known scramble took place at Camberley, Surrey in 1924. During the 1930s, the sport grew in popularity, especially in Britain where teams from BSA, Norton, Matchless, Rudge, and AJS competed in the events. Off-road bikes from that era differed little from those used on the street. The intense competition over rugged terrain led to technical improvements in motorcycles. The next periode off-road motorcycle round to motocross which had become to dominate. Some people just love off-road motorcycle; other people are passionately, head-over-heels obsessed with it, because used off-road motorcycle no matter what specific type looking for. They are used as weekend recreational vehicles by millions of people around the world. See also at Wikipedia

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