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Honda RC250 Was Works Motorcycle In 1973

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 , Posted by Ridwanars at 11:01 PM

Trail Adventure Honda RC250
© 2009, Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

In 1970, motorcycle that had two-stroke always rule over motocross racing. And Honda wished for the victory's crown. Difficulty was, company which had built USA reputation on four-stroke streetbikes, didn’t have anything to compete against the light and powerful oilburners (motorcycle's two-stroke engine) as competitors. Finally, Honda built a two-stroke motorcycle, decided connection with tradition while14 years from USA Four-stroke engine, to produced legend in this time that was Elsinore motocross bike. And taked aim correctly at the centre of the AMA National Motocross Championship was the trickest one of them all, this works RC250 racer, now on display in The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum at AMA headquarters in Pickerington, Ohio.

Besides the state-of-the-art, 249cc two-stroke, motorcycle that delivered the explosive power that motocross demanded, Motorcycle that was loaded with a few unobtainium parts, including magnesium hubs, electronic ignition and reed valve induction. Only less the rider, Honda hired to defend AMA 250cc Champion that is Gary Jone and go away from yamaha with rule over track's stripe. Pass third race's season, at the strait of Florida, Jones had won on the new machine. He devolves trip aims victory at many five races, belong three earlier seasons, gather every Honda's first rank at MX Championship. Sure, riding such a new engine like that have many challenges.

One other principal from all that several trick from race's factory. When the ’73 motocross season began, Jones’ works bike was full of them. But as the season wore on, many from motorcycle's parts couldn’t handle the strain. Then Jone, cooperated with his father and Don, the expert motorcycle tuner, more operated and more production's parts into the works bike to make it more reliable. But the result was clear: Honda won the championship. And that did majority image brace of the Elsinore as an original breed, helping to sell untold version's of motorcycle production to amateur racers and raise the brand’s motocross racing reputation.

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  1. Hi Speeding Ticket Attorney, this bike has been entered into the museum, in Indonesia many are rebuilding this bike with the original spare parts. Thks for U'r comment.