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Survival for Motorcyclist Trail Adventure

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 , Posted by Ridwanars at 11:24 AM

Glad people who ventures on, either in mount, at forest or at other place, must always aware risk exist in activity. Erudition and comprehension risk may be will be got to be a factor esensial in preparation and activity's execution at open-air. Risk everything may be appear, related to dangers that implied in activity execution.

In general, danger source can come from ourselves self (subjective danger) and come from environment (objective danger). Subjective danger for example carelessness, perfunctorily preparation, minimum erudition and others. Because in character such, so subjective danger this under mastery or admit of us control. Objective danger be danger that threaten from outside our self, arising out from environment, earthquake for example, flood, beast, and another.

Danger above be relative explanation in character. There that be danger for certain person but on the contrary be fun matter for another person. To be certain, for nature lover that dominate well techniques base alive at free nature are fun matter. Not such for common ones, may be activities at free nature be assumed can ill strarred. But, however ready it we are in face of various risk, a time may be we are forced face undesirable critical situation.

Situation like that be matter is not guessed. Lost food provisions temporary few days more has attenuated or sink and we are awash at ocean midst. Critical/marginal conditions like that can we classify as condition survival. Survival come from word survive, simply can be interpretted as efforts to defend alive.

Survival Skills

Survival skills or ability survive alive ability that can be used to help somebody for permanent can survive in dangerous situation that (like to quake earth) or dangerous location (likes desert, mount and or forest). This ability belongs manner makes fire, find or make protection, make water safe to drunk, find and identify food, cure wound or dispute with use device. Every different environment type will give challenge and different danger

The important defend alive (survival) related to critical condition appearance. Can be questioned here: What causes that critical condition appear? or equally "aspect" what shall we face in situation survival? In matters in reality that we shall face to base on condition spesification, lost for example at sand desert or at pole will show different aspects. But the other side, detectable certain samenesses existence in aspect that will appear in every condition.
In general, those aspects detachable in 3 groups:
  1. Psikologis: panic, afraid, worried. Solitude/self, confused, depress. Boredom and others.
  2. Physiological: ill, hungry, thirsty, wound, tired,  and another.
  3. Environment: hot, cold. dry, rain, wind. Vegetasi, fauna, and others. survival.

Priority In Survival

In a condition to survive alive, there 5 (five) priorities that must be determined first time that is:
  1. Which are positive mental attitude.
  2. Find or make protection that can to give to somebody for permanent can protected and permanent felt warm and dry.
  3. Human can linger during 3 (three) day without water. This matter relates to nature's condition with physically.
  4. Fire, help to give warmth, neutralize and make proper water at drinks, Intinidate wild animal, avoid mosquito and another insect and give sign to another human.
  5. Human can survive alive without eat during one week,  but hunger will make person becoming not clear in will think, weak and easy assaulted disease.
Priority on not has absolute, mean removable or change depend on environment. But one definitive matter protection that is wanted in environment whatevers.
From several cases survival. There are some sameness that can influence success in overcome condition survival. Of course apart from God accomodation or good destiny. There three things that can be used to overcome survival. That is:

1. Spirit to defend alive
Oftentimes even there civilian to open-air faces danger in mortally the condition, but because strong the willing or linger, impressing he gets superlative strength to overcomes conditon. So. strong confidence to defends this alive is important authorized capital and dapa influence other authorized capital.

2. Self immediacy
Mean here one who has erudition and know-how that can anticipate dangers survival, land navigation for example, first aid, cordage, practise biology, science survival, field science and appraising, and others.

3. Supporter tool
Total and device kind that has also can influence success in survival. Survival without device anything with survival that has device of course differ. In case survival so use value a knife or axe far valuableer will be compared with credit card or polished diamond gold. So, device yes has at the (time) of survival will influence success and manner survival.

Basically to overcome weather with give protection in body, either from in also from outside. Protection forms that can be carried on:

A. Bivouac

Aim makes bivouac as pleasant shelter to protects our self from nature factors and extreme environment, that is: hot, cold, wet. Wind, beast and as it. As to condition that must be payed in make bivouac :
  • field condition (ridge, valley, wet. dry, opened, closed).
  • nature facilities that subsidize around we (are tree, foliage, cave, hole) and Ingredient whom we bring (poncho, raincoat, plastic and as it).
Must be rememberred in make bivouac:
  • bivouac don't until leak.
  • choose good location.

Don't too botch nature at vinicity.

B. Clothes

To hold back so that hot our body don't too much out, best we protect body with waterproof clothes and hold back cold.

C. Food

One of [the] supporting for body protection that come from within food. Wanted for calorie increase, give energy in muscle.  and replaced cells or networks that broken. Food source can we obtain from plant and animal at area of around us.

D. Fire

Besides can warm up body. More important can increase psychological spirit. Somebody in a condition survival first time will choose to make fire before do other matters. Another fire function:
  • illumination
  • cook food/drink
  • make marking or code
Three fire maker elements

The Inharmony between the third will evoke smoke. Otherwise has flammable ingredient, must we lay a fire around us, that is:
  • dry wood little cuts
  • firing powder
Hot that causes incidence fire obtainable from match. Authority lens. Firing stone, and another.

E. Water

Very need to every life aspect and be priority in survival. If we are water deficit can cause dehydration (liquid deficit body's). This dehydration happens caused by evaporation process from body. Dehydration conditon that over do can also evoke death. From statistical is got; when does somebody not get water at all during 3 days so he threatened death. Manner overcome it us must drink enough (around 2 litre/day)s. When then water supply finished, so we must can to look for it.

Water classification in survival can we for on :
1. Water that drinkable direct. The condition not coloured and odourless. The example water from spring, river, lake, rain. Otherwise got water source. Can be looked for from plant that aqueous and bontoxic. Plant kind that aqueous:
  • Wild mangosteen plant, rattan for example.
  • Spread plant, mould for example.
  • Special plant, Semar poke for example.
2. Also show spring location because in morning and animals evening certain will want to drink.
3. Polluted water and want complex process so that can be drunk, the example are sulphur water, swamp waterwith water tall acidity level, water from factory waste and as it.
4. Polluted water but with simple process drinkable like: water that stagnate, muddy water, great river water and another.

Matter necessary payed if water is a problem critical. Don't consume anything. Because water not only worn to launch food passes intestines, but also soften and liquefy food. Chemical process between food and Intestines self want water.

Technique gets water

Based on evaporation

From plant

Water screening

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